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How Often Do Showers Need Maintaining?

Posted by Kevin Taylor

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Maintaining your showers is key to ensuring that they stay in excellent condition. Regularly cleaning and checking your shower for damage can mean they last longer and don’t present any health issues like mould. Here, we explore how often showers should be maintained, and some long-term solutions for your own showers.

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Prevention Is Key

You may have heard that prevention is better than a cure, and this is certainly true with shower maintenance. You shouldn’t wait until you see signs of wear and tear in your shower. Pre-bleaching showers is essential to reduce the appearance of mould. Cleaning a shower down after each use is a great way of keeping them clean and encouraging longevity.

The Importance Of Daily Ventilation

Ventilation is something that should be kept in mind every single day. During and after a shower, vent fans should be switched on, and any windows should be opened. This lowers the amount of humidity in the air and stops bacteria from thriving as easily. Adding a humidistat to your shower room can give you the best possible control over the humidity, which is good for reducing mould and mildew.

Regular Checks

Checking how drains are flowing regularly is also a vital part of shower maintenance. This should be done often so that any slow draining can be addressed. Shower drains can be cleaned once a month so that blockages are unlikely to occur. Checking your grout for discolouration as often as possible can give an idea of how well-ventilated your shower is.

How Advanced Showers Can Help

While there are many ways to prevent and treat issues in your shower, reducing the amount of maintenance a shower needs is a great long-term solution. If you have many showers that need maintaining, an Advanced Showers shower pod can be an excellent alternative to traditional shower units. Without tiling to worry about, shower pods can simply be wiped down for easy maintenance. Not only that, but they are resistant to mould and leak-proof, which can prevent flooding and damage to both your shower and your building.

If you want to find out more about introducing shower pods to your building, then get in touch with Advanced Showers. We can find the ideal shower solution for you to reduce your maintenance tasks and provide high-quality showers for any space.

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