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Innovative Hygiene For Greenfield Festivals: The Rise Of Shower Pods On UK Festivals And Camping Sites

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Festival goers that made use of the shower pods that were onsite at the Greenfield festivals.

Modern British festival goers like nothing better than to be ‘sorted out for ease and fizz’, a movement that has spurred the growth of glamping sites and luxury wash facilities at most greenfield festivals, from the mighty Glastonbury down to the indie circuit.

Gone are the days when most festival goers were content to rough it in the mud with a kettle full of lukewarm water. Today’s festivalgoers, especially the middle-aged and family ones, are more discerning in how they spend their time and hard-earned money.

The question for festival organisers and glamping providers is how to provide luxurious amenities for their guests in the context of unpredictable weather conditions, and often on remote sites removed from mains water and electricity connections.

Our modular shower pods are the perfect solution for glamping and festival organisers looking to invest in a state-of-the-art shower solution that provides a reliable and enjoyable service for guests, is easy to keep clean, and helps to elevate the overall experience of festival attendees.


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Redefining The Festival Experience

The traditional British festival landscape, peppered with a tapestry of tents, storytelling, and laughter, has changed subtly over the years. With the rise in the number of families and older revellers attending festivals, and the summer weather becoming more unpredictable each year, guests look for a reprieve from the relentless outdoor experience in which personal hygiene and comfort can be restored.

This is where our shower pods come into their own as a superior solution to many traditional on-site showering facilities, many of which are notoriously unreliable, dirty, crowded, and often communal. Each shower pod provides guests with a personal sanctuary of solace in which to escape from the noise and mud – without needing to share their space with others. Within the emerging glamping culture, showers no longer play a simple utilitarian role, but are pivotal in crafting the luxurious festival experience that many guests now seek – and can be the key to year-on-year retention in an extremely competitive greenfield festival market.

Glamour And Sustainability

The integration of luxurious showering facilities, such as shower pods, within a festival’s glamping set-up not only enhances the user experience but can also improve the sustainability of a greenfield festival. Sustainable showering facilities that include water-saving features, eco-friendly materials, and energy-efficient water heating and treatment systems resonate with the traditional ethos of festivals as well as more modern sensibilities, infusing the glamping experience with a conscience for the environment.

Investing in shower pods can help reduce the carbon footprint of your festival by minimising water wastage, avoiding leaks (and subsequent damage to the site from saturation), and energy expenditure, as well as making it easier to keep your facilities clean and hygienic.

Next Steps

To find out more about our shower pods and how they can help you meet and exceed your festivalgoers’ expectations this season, please get in touch with one of our technical sales team today.

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