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Does My Office Need Shower Facilities For My Staff?

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Work: it takes up the majority of our lives. We get up early, prepare, commute, dedicate hours of each day to our roles, and often return home both weary and, regrettably, covered in the grime of the day.

In modern urban workplaces, where offices are often characterised by open plan desks, casual clothing, and a heavy emotional investment into our roles, a growing number of employers are investing in office shower facilities for their teams.

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At Advanced Showers, we’re strong advocates of workplace showers for several reasons:

  • Encourages a healthy work/life balance – staff are more likely to partake in a morning run or gym session before their workday, or cycle to work if they know there’s a shower waiting for them before they hit the desk.
  • Cultivates greater physical and mental well-being – exercise is known to be great for mental as well as physical health, and can also improve a person’s short-term mood. From an employer’s perspective, this can help improve communication and collaboration between team members, avoid arguments, and improve productivity!
  • Encourages physical activity – workplace showers give silent encouragement to employees to take up gym memberships, go for a jog at lunchtime, and generally increase their level of physical activity, which improves overall health and fitness and could reduce time off sick.
  • Reduces the afternoon slump – the midafternoon doldrums following lunch are a notoriously sluggish and unproductive time in many offices. Giving your employees the option of a refreshing afternoon shower can help them press the reset button and get stuck into their afternoon’s work with fresh perspective and energy.

Why Shower Pods Are The Best Choice For Office Showering Facilities

The reason why many offices don’t have shower facilities is that traditional shower cubicles are expensive to maintain and troublesome to keep clean. This is why a growing number of workplaces are turning to shower pods for their company wash facilities. Our discreet individual shower pods give your team private and easily maintained wash facilities to shower before, during, or after work and can be adapted to suit any available space or office layout.

What’s more, our shower pods are super easy to clean and maintain and are not prone to leaks, tile replacements, and cumbersome servicing routines needed to maintain traditional workplace changing rooms.

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Providing your team with high-quality shower facilities is a good way of improving staff morale, encouraging health-conscious early morning exercise and workout regimes, and giving employees the freedom to take a refreshing shower before heading home or on to other social engagements.

To find out more about our innovative shower pods and how they can improve your workplace, please contact us today by calling 01483 532020New Call-to-action

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