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Workplace Shower Facilities: Can Shower Pods Ensure The Safety Of Employees?

Posted by Kevin Taylor

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Lots of jobs require thorough decontamination before or after shift, and many workplaces provide showers for the benefit of employees who cycle to work. However, workplace showers are often problematic to install and maintain using conventional methods – could shower pods be a safer and more convenient solution for businesses?

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Safety In The Shower

Employers have a duty of care towards their staff, the details of which are outlined in HSE regulations. Among other things, the regulations state that as far as it’s reasonably practicable, employers must provide washing facilities that have:

  • A surface that’s easy to clean.
  • Hot and cold water.
  • Enough units so that staff don’t have to wait for long periods to use them.

Shower pods can offer great support in improving hygiene and decontamination standards, as well as making workplace showers more pleasant to use for employees. For example, unlike tiled showers, pods don’t need to be constantly scrubbed to stay clean. No grout means no mildew or mould build up.

And there’s more, because at Advanced Showers we’ve partnered with a leading producer of anti-microbial solutions for commercial applications. Our tests showed a dramatic reduction in microbial activity on our shower pod surfaces, which makes the solution ideal for high-risk environments.

Shower pods also allow you to provide hot water on demand, while at the same time reducing the risk of suffering burns or scalding. This is because shower pod units are self-contained, so staff don’t risk accidentally touching hot metal parts or being submerged in hot water.

Customisable Shower Pods For Businesses

Last but not least, our shower pods are very flexible in terms of size and shape. These units can be fitted into most locations, even in small or awkward spaces. This way, you can maximise the space available and fit all the units you need to keep staff from waiting to use them.

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If you’d like to learn more about how installing shower pods can improve your health and safety profile, please download our free Shower Pods Guide, or get in touch to find out more.

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