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Make The Most of Summer Holidays With Our Shower Pod Solutions

Posted by Michael Kiernan


When students leave university for the summer, for them, it's an excellent opportunity to take a break and have a rest before the next term starts. By comparison, this is the time when contractors have to get to work improving accommodation and infrastructure ready for the next lot of students. In this blog post, learn more about why shower pods are an important part of summer renovations at universities across the UK and some of the reasons why Advanced Showers are an ideal option.

The Home Builder's Guide to Shower Pods


Why Consider Replacing Showers?

When renovating student accommodation, there are several different aspects that require changes or work. For example, another layer of paint on the walls to remove any stains or evidence of damage is a common step. However, sometimes the necessary changes are more structural, such as upgrading appliances in kitchens or installing new showers and toilets in bathrooms. With many students sharing the same facilities, it's likely that components will break down much quicker, so anything you can do to make repairs and installations easier is a real bonus.

The Risks of Standard Showers

The majority of student accommodation features standard showers. This means that contractors and plumbers build showers from a selection of different components, including shower trays, tiles, taps and showerheads. However, there are several risks with using a standard shower in student accommodation. Getting all of these components together and installing them takes a lot of time, which means that, when you have a lot of showers to repair and install over the summer, this becomes a tricky job.

What Are Shower Pods?

Shower pods are all-in-one packages that slide into place, meaning installation takes just a single day. What's more, every single component needed to install the shower is included, so there's no rushing around to buy individual parts – just slot the three parts together and that’s it! Furthermore, shower pods from Advanced Showers have long warranties, supporting educational institutions for a decade after their installation. The speed and efficiency of their installation, in addition to the longevity of shower pods, means that installing them over the summer break is a breeze.

Try Advanced Showers

If you're interested in using shower pods in your student accommodation renovations, get in touch with the Advanced Showers team today to find out more about the shower options available and for a quote.

Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods

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Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods
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