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How Luxury Shower Pods Can Enhance Your Festival Glamping Service in 2021

Posted by Michael Kiernan

With this year’s live music season wiped out by the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 promises to be a memorable year for festival-goers who’ll be raring to hit the ground running once the performers are back on stage. Camping is enduringly popular among revellers when attending music festivals. However, with many people unable to take an annual holiday this year, demand for ‘glamping’ is likely to be higher than ever at festivals in 2021, as visitors crave a little luxury away from home as compensation for the coronavirus disruption.

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If you’re a provider of premium accommodation sites for festival-goers in 2021, you could be forgiven for assuming that your usual portable shower units are the most comfortable option. Fortunately, shower pods from Advanced Showers are ideal for glamping experiences at festivals and campsites, offering a convenient, easy to clean and low maintenance option that can be assembled or disassembled quickly before and after the festival.

How Shower Pods Will Benefit Your Glamping Business

Taking a shower while camping or enjoying a music festival need not be a dismal experience. Shower pods are a perfect part of the glamping experience, offering some important benefits over temporary mobile shower units:


Supplied in modular sections that can be quickly joined to create a watertight unit, shower pods offer the ultimate in convenience for the temporary glamping site. A proficient tradesperson can assemble several pods in a single day, making them ideal for rapid setup sites if you’ve got a busy festival schedule for your facilities. Once the festival has drawn to an end, disassembly is just as quick, meaning you can return the site to its usual state in no time at all, and move on to the next event.

Low Maintenance, Easy To Clean

With the British weather notorious for its unpredictability, festival-goers in the UK are renowned for being deluged by torrential rain, with sites often transformed into an ocean of thick sludge. Even if the weather is hot, accommodation-users will need regular access to showers throughout their stay, so shower pods are the ideal solution. Requiring low maintenance and being easy to clean, pods offer reliable service that will ensure they are fully available throughout the event, with a guarantee to be leakproof as well.

A Superior Alternative To Traditional Showers

Glamping is camping with a splash of luxury, so it’s only right to ensure that the customer experience measures up to your customer’s expectations. Constructed from durable and sleek GRP, Advanced Showers’ pods are at the forefront of modern bathroom style, boasting an eye-catching ergonomic design that can withstand frequent usage by large numbers of people. For festival-goers and campers alike, shower pods are the perfect antidote to a memorable day outdoors in weather of all extremes.

Find Out More About Advanced Showers’ Pods

To find out more about how our shower pods could contribute to your visitors’ luxurious glamping experience in the 2021 festival season, simply download our free guide to shower pods here, or get in touch for more information.

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