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Does The Tiny House Trend Encourage Damp And Mould Growth?

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Tiny houses are becoming more and more popular. However, minimalists who love tiny houses don’t love the dampness that can come with these homes. Is mould growth an unavoidable part of tiny houses? We find out.

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Why Are People Choosing Tiny Homes?

While tiny homes are rising in popularity, we need to explore why. Small houses have lower running costs, can be cheaper to purchase, and for many provide just the right starter home. Some choose tiny houses as a way to spend less money on accommodation and more on experiences, but others feel this is the only way they can afford property. Houses of more traditional sizes have become increasingly unaffordable - so not all tiny houses are a choice as much as a necessity.

The Downsides Of Tiny Homes

The main downside of a tiny house is its limited space. Everything inside a tiny house is smaller. This means less storage and less room to grow as a family. The structures themselves can also be less sturdy than traditionally built houses, and may not have access to the same utilities. This could lead to lower-quality lighting and heating. One of the biggest negatives, however, is the issue of mould.

Showers And Steam

We all know that showers tend to cause your bathroom to fill with steam. With the proper care and ventilation, you can ensure that damp and mould do not become a problem. In tiny houses, your limited space means that this steam can spread to every part of the home quickly. The whole house becomes steamed up, leading to mould spreading further. With a tile-and-tray shower, mildew is likely to grow more quickly, too, as the tight space can make it more challenging to clean. Without taking strong preventative measures, your entire tiny house could become damp.

How Advanced Showers Can Help

If you love the idea of tiny homes, then damp and mould growth should not be the thing to stop you. At Advanced Showers, our shower pods are the ideal compact solution for smaller homes. Without the traditional tile-and-tray shower, and featuring a leakproof design, you can build a tiny home with a much lower risk of mould growth. Get in touch to find out more.

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