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Charing Cross Hospital Project Update

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Charing Cross Hospital

There may be many divisions in British society at the moment, but there’s one front that we stand united on: the NHS. It may be a treasured national resource, but it’s also one that recent events have shown is in need of a bit of TLC. Advanced Showers are doing our bit, and here’s an update from behind the scenes!

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Doctor And Nurse Accommodation

Due to their long hours and changing shifts, many doctors and nurses live in hospital accommodation. In London’s busy Charing Cross, an army of doctors and nurses call three grey tower blocks home. Whilst they may enjoy spectacular views, until now they have not been able to enjoy spectacular showers. In an echo of a situation found throughout the country, the entire facility remains kitted out with baths that were installed in the 1970s.

How Is Advanced Showers Helping?

With the support of Mitie Contractors, Advanced Showers are removing the antiquated baths and replacing them with modern, hygienic shower pods. There are 210 bathrooms in the Charing Cross accommodation buildings, so this is quite an epic undertaking! Thankfully, shower pods can be installed in as little as an hour or two, so any inconvenience is kept to a minimum. It’s a way of showing our support for NHS employees, whilst ensuring that our frontline staff have the best facilities.

Why Are Showers Important For Medical Staff?

Our understanding of health and safety has evolved in recent years, and if anything has made that abundantly clear it’s the pandemic. A study in January 2021 showed that 52,000 NHS employees were off sick with Covid, and to date at least 230 NHS workers had succumbed to the virus. The Royal College of Nursing (RCNi) has expressed the critical importance of “dashing straight into the shower” after a shift, and ensuring the cleanliness of the shower cubicle. Shower pods, which are easy to clean and do not have high-risk absorbent materials such as grouting, are therefore a primary form of PPE.

And Lastly, A Message For All Our Key Workers

Everyone’s world was turned upside down in 2020, but the way that the NHS and other key workers swung into action has left a nation humbled. Covid-19 touched the lives of many of the team at Advanced Showers and the partners that we work with, and we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks for the dedication, humanity, and endless hours of lifesaving work. We hope our showers bring you the relaxation you deserve.

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Image source: NHS

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