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Can Shower Pods Improve Bathroom Safety For People With Mobility Challenges?

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Older adults account for approximately 18% of the UK’s total population, and the percentage is expected to keep increasing. Because of the presence of ‘silver surfers’ in every market, hospitality and residential businesses want to consider how to best cater to their specific needs.

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However, being more accommodating of older adults also means being subject to strict regulations. Bathroom accidents are one of the main Health and Safety nightmares for business owners, and unfortunately, these accidents are particularly common in people with mobility issues. Some of these incidents can be fatal, and those that aren’t can lead to major complications, since older adults tend to recover from injuries at a slower pace. This highlights the importance of minimising potential dangers and going the extra mile in terms of bathroom safety.

It’s not always necessary to redo an entire bathroom. Rethinking the shower area can vastly improve bathroom safety, as this is where many bathroom accidents happen. If the facilities you manage or outfit have a conventional shower (e.g. tiled walls and tray), you may want to consider switching to shower pods. This solution offers significant advantages in settings used by people with mobility challenges.

Shower Pods Minimise Slip Hazards

In traditional showers, grout cracks and worn-out acrylic seals appear sooner rather than later. This doesn’t only increase maintenance costs, but also creates slip and fall hazards due to water leaks. By contrast, shower pods are fully sealed and leak-proof enclosures. This makes them easy to access and exit for people with mobility difficulties, while increasing their overall safety.

Comfort And Ease Of Access

Shower pods can be custom made to fit any space, providing comfort and ease of access for users no matter how awkwardly shaped a room may be. This way, they don’t force the user to get into odd positions when showering, which can increase the risk of losing balance and having an accident.


Shower pods are designed to be standalone solutions, so there are fewer parts to worry about both during installation and maintenance. They can yield important savings when ordered in bulk, so they’re a great option in projects where multiple showers have to be fitted at once (new builds, hotels, care homes, etc.). Not to mention that pods eliminate the need to invest in shower aids like hoists or bath lifts, which are notorious for their exorbitant prices.

Next Steps

To sum up, shower pods are a safe and comfortable showering solution for people with limited mobility. If you need more information, we invite you to download our free Shower Pods Guide or call us directly to discuss your requirements with one of our shower pods specialists.

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