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Can I Install A Shower Pod In A Listed Building?

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Can I Install A Shower Pod In A Listed Building

If you own or manage a listed building, installing modern bathroom facilities can be a minefield. For institutions like boarding schools and hotels, which are often housed in historic properties, care needs to be taken to retain listed features, while still providing the kind of facilities that contemporary residents demand. Luckily, there are options: our shower pods, for example, offer the flexibility and reliability to combine heritage with modern comforts.

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Installing Bathrooms In Listed Buildings


Dedicated bathrooms are a relatively recent development in both housing and institutional buildings. Private bathrooms only really became commonplace in the mid-20th century, and dedicated shower rooms more recently still. However, buildings originally built in the time before bathrooms often have listed status. Therefore, any refurbishments and improvements must be sensitively handled and conform to the relevant legislation.

If a new bathroom is installed in a location where there was none previously, plumbing needs to be arranged without undue damage or alteration to the building's structure and features. It may be forbidden to remove or add additional walls. Similarly, the addition of ventilation ducts may also not be permitted.

While baths are likely to be less invasive in terms of building preservation, contemporary concerns about water usage, as well as space maximisation, mean that, for residential schools or hotels, these are not a feasible approach. Showers are a reasonable compromise, but the traditional "tile and tray" shower may yet involve a lot of alteration to room structures and fittings. Wet rooms are increasingly popular also, but, again, the extent of changes required may be too extensive. These solutions also carry significant risks of leak damage, which can be even more problematic for historic structures than the initial installation.

The Benefits Of Shower Pods

Despite all these restrictions, it is still necessary to make some adaptations to keep buildings in contemporary use. Hotel guests, for example, demand comfort and efficiency when they pay for a room in a heritage hotel. It is worth considering shower pods as an adaptable and reliable solution to bathroom updates in listed buildings.

Of all bathroom units, shower pods are about the most risk free in terms of water seepage and ongoing repairs. At Advanced Showers, we offer pods that are guaranteed leak-free and require next to no maintenance for as much as 20 years. Our shower pods are made from high-gloss reinforced polymer plastic, meaning they can stand the rigorous daily cleaning demanded by institutional use.

Choosing The Right Shower Pods

Our shower pods are particularly suitable for listed buildings as they are very adaptable to different room configurations, without the need for any structural modifications. Available in 8 different sizes and 21 models, from corner pods to alcove pods, as well as custom solutions, a suitable unit can be found for virtually any space. Furthermore, shower pods are as easily removed as they are installed, so any disputes over planning permission need not be a worry.

Next Steps

Oxford and Cambridge have a large number of listed buildings (many of which are very well known!) that date back as early as 1200. With bathrooms located over dining rooms, libraries, and other carefully preserved rooms, it’s imperative that new showers that are installed must be absolutely leak-proof. Advanced Showers have been supplying the Oxbridge area and its listed buildings for over 20 years.

For institutions requiring large numbers of shower units, shower pods are a perfect fit, even in challenging listed buildings where permissions may be quite limited. Our shower pods have great flexibility and longevity, so if you want to find out more, please download our free Shower Pods Guide, or get in touch with one of our sales team for a bespoke quote.

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