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Residential Landlords - How To Avoid The Nightmare Of A Major Shower Leak

Posted by Michael Kiernan


As a residential landlord, you’ll already understand that unreported issues with your property or
properties can be a problem. Short-term lets of 6 or 12 months mean that it’s not uncommon for
landlords to rarely see the inside of their properties and, with many landlords living some distance
away, keeping tabs on the condition of tenanted properties can be a challenge. Add in the problem
of difficult-to-spot issues, such as shower leaks, and property maintenance becomes an even more
complex task.

The Home Builder's Guide to Shower Pods

While it’s true that a major shower leak would probably become quickly apparent to your tenants –
particularly if water drips through ceilings below – a minor leak can go unnoticed for some time. The
damage, however, can still be substantial: rot can set into timber joists and bearers, weakening the
structure of the building, and attracting pests; ceilings can soften and collapse; and the electrical
system can repeatedly ‘trip’.

How The Cost Of Shower Leak Can Quickly Add Up

Claims caused by water damage are among the most common submitted by landlords to insurance
companies in the UK, but it’s far from certain that a claim from a leaking shower will be successful.
Leaks may be classed as ‘wear and tear’, particularly if the cause is a failed seal around a shower
tray. Insurance companies rightly expect that landlords maintain their properties so, if a seal is not
replaced periodically, they may deem the claim to be invalid.

How much it will cost to remedy the damage depends on the extent of a leak. A major leak will
probably cause damage to ceilings, floors or floor coverings, internal decoration, and furniture. More
complex problems, such as damage to electrics or wooden joists or beams, will clearly cost

As a simple guide, if water causes damage to a ceiling underneath a shower, the entire surface will
probably need to be removed and replaced. A new ceiling, on average, costs between £400 and
£1000, depending on its size. The true cost of a leaking shower could, therefore, soar.


Why Leak-Proof Shower Pods Are The Solution


At Advanced Showers, we supply an extensive range of modern, ergonomic shower pods that are
guaranteed to be leak-proof. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, shower pods
eradicate all the problems of traditional tile-and-tray showers, ensuring you can enjoy peace of mind
that your residential letting will be safe from leaks for years to come.

Our cutting-edge shower pods:

 Are modular in design, requiring little more than bolting together to achieve a watertight seal.
 Do not require acrylic sealant or grout which is prone to failure over time.
 Are designed so that the only place water can escape is down the drain.
 Boast a clean, wipe-free surface for easy cleaning.
 Require virtually no ongoing maintenance in the long-term.

To find out more about our leak-free solution for showers in residential property lettings, download
our free Shower Pods Guide or get in touch for more information on 01483 532020.

Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods

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