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Can A Leak-Proof Shower Pod Reduce The Maintenance Costs Of My BnB?

Posted by Kevin Taylor


When it comes to maximising the potential of a Bed & Breakfast (BnB) pub or private guest house, proactive maintenance makes a real difference. Bathrooms, with their risks of leaks, mould, and constant cleaning requirements, can be expensive to maintain. Here’s how a shower pod can stop your profits from disappearing down the drain!


From paying for a plumber to fixing water damage, a simple bathroom leak can end up costing thousands. As such, one of the best strategic investments a BnB owner can make is ensuring that leaks cannot happen in the first place. Shower pods are entirely self-contained and feature a sturdy base that keeps excess water safely enclosed. The pods have advanced drainage capabilities fitted as a design standard, further ensuring that water cannot escape, and reducing the risk of mishaps.


Save On Cleaning Costs

Shower design makes a significant difference to the ease with which it can be cleaned. In inferior showers, fiddly fixtures allow the build-up of soap and other debris that can be stubborn to remove, and some materials can be damaged or stained by cleaning products. Shower pods have been crafted to enable efficient, cost-effective, and reliable cleaning routines to guarantee that the bathroom is always sparkling.


Easy and Cheap To Install

Shower pods are rapid to install, making them an attractive option for BnBs that need a quick, no-nonsense refurb. By minimising downtime, BnB calendar bookings remain healthy, whilst the ease of installation ensures unexpected fees or delays are avoided, keeping operations and schedules on target.


A Touch Of Elegance

The quality of the en-suite can make a real difference to the comfort of guests, and can influence the overall BnB experience. Shower pods are available in a range of shapes, and can be created to bespoke designs, enabling creative minds in the hospitality industry to provoke a real wow-factor without causing a maintenance headache.


Say Goodbye To Broken Tiles and Degraded Seals

The big challenge for any bathroom space is waterproofing it for the long-term, with the traditional solution being tiles fitted with waterproof grouting. Time-consuming to install, difficult to clean, and prone to damage, the approach can be very expensive to maintain. The self-contained structure of a shower pod reduces the need for costly, high-risk waterproofing strategies, whilst keeping splash damage to a minimum.


Banish Mould

Without adequate ventilation, humid environments invite fungal growth. However, fungi need something to feed on, which is why the materials used in a bathroom space matter. Limescale mixed with stagnant water is a favourite delicacy of black mould, and when an outbreak occurs, it can quickly spread to porous surfaces such as walls and ceilings where once infused, it is almost impossible to remove. The materials used in shower pods discourage limescale, are easy to clean, and drain water effectively, keeping the risk of mould to a minimum.


Next Steps

There are many reasons why shower pods are the ideal choice for keeping BnB maintenance costs under control. For creative, budget-friendly solutions, have a look at our Ultimate Shower Pods Guide, which you can download by [clicking here].

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