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Are Shower Pods Suitable For Office Bathrooms?

Posted by Michael Kiernan

Are Shower Pods Suitable For Office Bathrooms?If you’ve never cycled to work, you may be curious as to the reasons behind installing showers in the office. In fact, showers in larger commercial premises are becoming more commonplace, particularly as employers are encouraged to publicise the benefits of economically friendly travel, such as cycling, running, and walking – and to discourage both public transport AND car use. Also, many occupations require employees to undertake tasks that result in them being sweaty or dirty, so it is in everyone’s interests that they have access to showering facilities on-site, so that they can freshen up during or after a shift.Get Your Free 30 Min Consultation!If you’re a commercial premises manager who is considering installing showers in the workplace, could shower pods be a viable option?

Shower Pods: Are They Suitable for Commercial Properties?

Absolutely! In fact, one of the strengths of shower pods is their flexibility, making them ideal for installation in a wide range of locations, from offices and factories to schools and emergency service hubs.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, shower pods can be fitted singly for occasional use or in multiple units where demand is high, such as in an office building where large numbers of staff receive incentives for cycling to and from work.

The Advantages of Shower Pods

The installation of traditional tile and tray showers is time-consuming, with costly on-going maintenance and repairs also likely to eat into your premises budget. In contrast, shower pods offer a simple, leakproof solution that will not only resist heavy wear but also provide a stylish and relaxing addition to your communal bathroom facilities.

A Leak-Free Guarantee

Unlike shower cubicles that are prone to springing persistent leaks, shower pods avoid the need for tiles, grout, and seals that deteriorate over time. The interlocking modular design of shower pods guarantees a leakproof showering environment that will ensure the water remains exactly where it should be!

Fast, Cost-Effective Installation

Shower pods can be fitted by a competent professional in a matter of hours, reducing the labour charges that can drive up the cost of installation. Time-consuming tasks, such as tiling and grouting internal walls, is unnecessary, so you can expect the finished pods to be up and running in no time at all.

A Durable Solution for Frequent Usage

As a premises manager, you need to feel confident that the shower you install will resist frequent wear and tear and will continue to offer outstanding service for users a long time into the future. Advanced Showers’ pods are constructed from durable GRP that is not only sleek and ergonomic in its design, but also offers fantastic durability – with a 60-year lifespan not unrealistic!

Advanced Showers: For Commercial Shower Pods

At Advanced Showers, we supply a range of shower pods for any commercial or industrial location, for corners and alcoves in a variety of sizes. Our free Shower Pod Guide provides the information to make an informed decision about shower pod installation, so download it here, or get in touch to discuss your commercial premises’ needs.

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