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Are En-Suite Bathrooms Becoming The ‘New Normal’ For Student Accommodation?

Posted by Kevin Taylor


In the past, some student accommodation had a less than salubrious reputation, with undergraduates often spending their downtime in the cheapest properties available and showering in shared or communal facilities. Halls of residence were more reminiscent of army barracks than high-end hotels, while students who rented rooms from private landlords were glad to have a roof over their head and a bed in which to sleep.

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Today, the student accommodation industry is worth billions, with private developments springing up in desirable city centre locations. Campus accommodation, too, is changing, driven by a demand for executive-standard living by the businesses who hire rooms during conference season.

It’s not just the elite universities of Oxford and Cambridge where the transition is happening: from Coventry to Salford, en-suite student accommodation is fast becoming the norm, playing a key role in regenerating faded city centre districts and reshaping them as fashionable upmarket locations.

How Shower Pods Can Make En-Suite Bathrooms an Affordable Reality

For university property managers and private landlords, transforming existing bathrooms to en-suite facilities is more affordable than they may realise, and promises a healthier Return on Investment (ROI) through higher rental charges.

So, why are shower pods the affordable solution for en-suite student accommodation?

1. Easy Installation

The modular shower pods from Advanced Showers are assembled quickly in as little as two hours, reducing labour time and costs. Delivered in sections, the pods can be moved easily by a single person, even where there is limited space. With no need to tile and grout large areas of the wall, the entire installation can be completed swiftly, so you can return the bathroom to use in no time at all.

2. Guaranteed To Be Leak-Free

For landlords, a leaking shower is troublesome and expensive to fix. Traditional tile-and-tray showers are always prone to leaks, as grout deteriorates over time and acrylic seals wear away. Shower pods are the guaranteed leak-proof solution as they are constructed with durable and water-resistant GRP with no need for tiles or sealant, and virtually no long-term maintenance to keep them watertight.

3. A Sense of Luxury Without The Cost

If you’re a landlord whose properties are leased to wealthier students who have a taste for a more luxury lifestyle, shower pods are certain to meet their high standards. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our pods boast a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design that oozes sophistication. Why not complement your en-suite shower pods with a range of custom-made accessories, including mood lighting, to really give your student bathrooms a touch of class?

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