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5 Health Benefits of Taking A Shower

Posted by Kevin Taylor


While the benefits of showers may seem all too obvious (we clean ourselves), there are actually many reasons to shower, as opposed to other means of washing. From boosting moods to easing muscle aches, the shower is a short and sweet cure to many ailments. Here are five health benefits you can reap when taking a shower.

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1) Anxiety Relief

Modern life is hectic. While spa days may be the most renowned stress relief activity, daily showers are effective too! The human body reacts to warm, steaming showers by relaxing muscles and clearing thoughts. In short, a shower can be a great quick fix to anxiety spells and a great way to clear the mind. Bathing, too, is noted for its health effects, but a simple shower is better for the environment, and can reset you in matter of minutes. Match your shower with a relaxing musical soundtrack for a short mood-boosting session.

2) Energy Boost

While all showers are a great wake-me-up, did you know cold showers are more stimulating than warmer showers? The cold works to shock the body, increasing both your oxygen intake and heartbeat. While it may not bring the cosy relief of a warm shower, cold showers, even for a few seconds before turning up the thermostat, are a great wake-up trick for those super-sleepy winter mornings. Or, just hop in a cold shower if you’re feeling sluggish in the mid-afternoon.

3) Post-Workout Relief

Back to the heat, a hot shower helps lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure. The effects can be as important as exercise, making a post-workout warm shower a must. The heat also helps alleviate inflammation - the perfect antidote for any exercise-related muscle aches. Being in hot (but never scalding) showers effectively relieves tension in the body to soothe fatigue.

4) Help Tackle Skin Blemishes

Warm showers are a great way to open up the pores of your skin. This allows you to clean out any trapped dirt or oil. That's why a warm shower is beneficial after a day spent outside, or even after your work commute. Apply your favourite skin regimen after a warm shower for the best results. You’ll have healthier, gleaming skin. Just watch out if you have dry or easily irritable skin as prolonged heat can dry out your skin, and can cause chaps or eczema in the winter.

5) Promote Healthy Sleep

A nice warm shower before bed soothes the body and can help relieve the symptoms of insomnia. Studies have indicated that our body's core temperature rises naturally in the evening and overnight, which is why many people suffer from night sweats. A warm shower helps to stimulate our thermoregulatory systems to increase blood circulation to the hands and feet. The result: a soothing and more comfortable night's sleep, with fewer wake-ups. If you struggle with sleep-related issues, a warm pre-bed shower may be in order.

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