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4 Ways That Upgrading To Leak-Proof Shower Pods Can Save Landlords Money

Posted by Michael Kiernan


All landlords need to balance their investments, and bathrooms are often the most complicated room when it comes to doing the maths. There are plenty of budget-friendly options out there, but will a wall-mounted shower end up costing you more than installing a shower pod? Here’s what you need to know.

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1) Lower Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance is often a budgeting challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. Whether the property is older or a new-build, steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of predictable events such as a ruined floor or flooded bathroom. Despite being rooms where water is likely to be everywhere, many bathrooms are not fully sealed, providing opportunities for water to seep into the ceiling below. The cost of repairing the subsequent damage can be far higher than the average rental deposit. 

A shower pod is an entirely contained, leak-proof unit with a sturdy waterproof base. This prevents accidents that result from splashing and blocked plugholes. 

2) Fewer Damp Problems

Damp is an endless headache for landlords. Once it takes hold, it can be almost impossible to eradicate. Furthermore, many types of mould are toxic, presenting a potentially expensive health and safety nightmare. The unsightliness of a wall sprouting black spores within a supposedly hygienic space will also wipe value from a property. Therefore, damp is something that all landlords should be keen to avoid.

Shower pods contain the steam that enables mould to flourish, greatly reducing the surface area contact of any condensate. When combined with a properly positioned extractor fan, the use of a pod can reduce mould risk to a minimum.

3) Increased Health and Safety Appeal

The majority of today’s tenants are switched on to health and safety. They are also well aware of their rights if they have an accident due to poor units or maintenance within rental facilities. According to statistics, slipping in the bathroom accounts for a third of injuries in and around the house, making it the most dangerous room after the kitchen. Slippery showers, and wet floors from improperly contained showers, are the primary culprits.

Shower pods are designed with health and safety in mind. They have anti-slip flooring, and can be fitted with adaptations such as disability grab rails if required.

4) Increased Hygiene Appeal

Everyone wants a clean bathroom, yet they can be one of the most challenging areas to maintain hygiene. Limescale can be tough to keep under control, providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Soap sticks to surfaces, solidifying into a paste of dust, grime, and germs. This problem is augmented by fixtures, fittings, and spaces that are difficult to reach, especially in and around older shower units. The result is bathrooms that look tired before their time, and which require costly end-of-tenancy cleans. 

Shower pods are designed for ease of cleaning. Their inert surfaces require nothing more than a simple spray-down after use, and if a deep clean of the house is needed, shower pods pose no problems in terms of hard-to-reach areas.

What Next?

Shower pods can save landlords a lot of costly headaches whilst keeping tenants safe. For more information about how you can benefit from a waterproof, damp-limiting, and hygienic solution, have a chat with one of our service team today.

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