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4 Tips For Using Communal Shower Cubicles At University

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Tips For Using A Modern Communal Shower Cubicles At University

For many students, using shared showers at university is a necessary evil, and can initially seem intimidating. However, communal showers in many UK university halls of residence can be pleasant with the right preparation and etiquette. You can quickly adapt to using these facilities by following some simple communal shower tips.

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1. Have A Shower Bag For Toiletries

One of the best communal shower tips is to buy a shower bag or caddy. These bags allow you to neatly organise all your shower supplies in one portable place. Fill the bag with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, and other shower necessities. Then when it's time for your shower, grab your bag and head to the stalls. Inside the shower, hang your bag on the wall or hook so everything is within reach to avoid slip hazards and minimise clutter. A shower bag keeps all your items in one convenient, organised spot.

2. Wear Shower Shoes

Communal showers mean lots of bare feet in shared spaces, creating the perfect environment for picking up athlete’s foot, verrucas, and other skin diseases if you’re not careful! Always wear flip-flops, slides, or shower shoes when using communal showers in UK universities to protect your feet from potential infections. Waterproof plastic shower shoes work great since they won't get waterlogged and provide good protection from slip hazards.

Remember to regularly wash your communal shower shoes to keep them clean. Experts recommend washing shower shoes weekly in hot, soapy water to prevent mould and bacteria buildup.

3. Be Mindful Of Your Shower Time

With shared shower facilities, it's essential to be considerate of the other students who need to use them. Avoid showering for long periods, like 30 minutes or longer, especially during peak times in the early morning or after lectures. Keep your showers to around 10-15 minutes if possible so you get clean but aren't hogging the shower stalls from others.

If you prefer long showers, consider showering at off-peak times when fewer students are trying to use the communal facilities. Late evenings, nights, and mid-mornings tend to be less busy shower times.

4. Limit Your Water Usage

In addition to showering for reasonable lengths of time, you can also conserve water while using communal university showers. When you lather with soap or shampoo, turn the water off temporarily, then turn the shower back on to rinse. This saves water that would typically go down the drain.

Communal Showers Don't Have To Be Intimidating

While the idea of communal showers in UK unis may initially seem uncomfortable, following the above communal shower tips will make the experience less harrowing. You can make dorm showers easy by having a shower bag, wearing shoes, monitoring your time and water use, and showering at off-peak hours.


For a more private shower experience, university estate managers can consider installing self-contained shower pods from Advanced Showers. Our customisable pods are quick to install, leakproof, and easy to maintain. Contact Advanced Showers to upgrade your university housing shower facilities.

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