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The Eco-Friendly Way To Clean Your Shower Fixtures, Taps, And Accessories!

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Nobody likes a dirty bathroom with grimy spots or limescale stains. While keeping shower fixtures clean is important, you needn't rely on harmful chemical sprays. With a weekly cleaning regimen, you can prevent the build-up of grime and leave your bathroom space gleaming. By using non-toxic, eco-friendly homemade cleaning products, you’ll avoid using nasty chemicals that damage the environment and reduce the life of your shower accessories. Ditch the pollutants and cleaning chemicals with our easy tips for eco-friendly shower room cleaning.

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Using Vinegar To Clean Your Shower Fixtures

Vinegar isn’t just green, it’s cost-effective. Vinegar is great for cleaning because it’s a natural disinfectant made from acetic acid. This dissolves soap scum and other grime and also kills bacteria and viruses. We recommend old-fashioned distilled white vinegar or cheap apple cider vinegar rather than the fancy stuff. To clean shower equipment that can be detached, like showerheads and trays, follow these steps:

  1. Scrub your attachment to remove any dirt or limescale with a sponge or toothbrush. You don’t have to be methodical - just remove the physical, easy-to-clean dirt.
    Fill a bag or spare plastic tub with vinegar. Pour enough to cover the attachment you’ll be dropping in (the vinegar can be used several times).
  2. Place your attachment or showerhead into the vinegar until it’s completely submerged. Cover or tie (if using a bag) and leave to soak for an hour or so.
  3. After your item has done soaking, remove it from the vinegar and drain the liquid away. Now rinse your item under hot water to wash away any trapped dirt particles.
  4. Using a scouring pad or toothbrush, you can now rub away any stubborn stains or limescale. You can wash the item again under a hot tap to get rid of the vinegar odour.

If your shower fixtures don’t detach, don’t worry! You can still use this vinegar and bag hack with a tight elastic band. Attach the bag to the fixed showerhead or features and leave it to soak just as you would the steps above. Alternatively, dip a washcloth in the vinegar and wipe your fixtures to leave a layer behind. Return after a few hours to wipe away any grime.

While effective at cleaning, there are some situations where vinegar is harmful to certain surfaces. Do not use it on stone or hardwood, as these surfaces can be stained and damaged by acidic solutions.

Using Baking Soda As A General Bathroom Cleaner

Baking soda isn't just for cakes. This mildly abrasive scouring agent works wonders at dissolving scum and grime from shower fixtures, too. It’s also excellent at removing odours and tackling stains - making it perfect for eco-friendly shower room use. Follow these steps for the best results:

  1. Make a paste from baking soda, natural soap and water.
  2. Apply the paste into your bathroom cleaning surface, rubbing it in with a sponge. You can use this paste on areas of grout with stains and those grimy areas between showers and sinks.
  3. Simply wash away the paste with water and you’ll be left with a shiny, stain-free surface!

What Next?

If you've tried the above tricks for a spick-and-span shower room and you still find pockets of unsightly grime, it may be time to update your space. A shower pod is a fantastic easy-clean option that responds well to chemical-free cleaning methods and is simple to upkeep. Have a chat with one of our sales team to find out more, or download a free copy of our handy Shower Pods Guide today

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