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How To Choose The Right Shower Pod Manufacturer

Posted by Kevin Taylor

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When looking for a shower pod manufacturer, it is important to find the right one to suit your needs and budget. However, in a sea of manufacturers who seem almost identical, how can you tell them apart and find the right one for your project?

Qualities Of A Manufacturer

When looking for a shower pod manufacturer, it is important to find one that is reliable and experienced. This is for the safety of you and your client. Experience lends valuable insight into the installation process, such as how long it can take and what issues may occur. A reliable manufacturer will mean that deadlines are met and not missed, something pleasing both to you and your client.

The Cost Of Bespoke

When looking for a shower pod manufacturer, it is important to look for a manufacturer that offers a bespoke service- a bespoke service means that the manufacturer will be more willing to create something custom made for you. This can be especially useful if you have a project which is proving difficult to fit conventional showers into.

Considering Aftersales

Alright, so let’s say you decided on a manufacturer and had a shower pod installed. Aftersales support may not seem important to begin with, but it can be integral to having a working shower pod if, rarely, it breaks down or malfunctions. A reputable manufacturer should have good aftersales support that is easy to contact. They should also keep stock of common parts, just in case. This can ease wait times between a complaint and its resolution. 

Choosing A Reliable Manufacturer

How do you gauge which manufacturers are reliable? Often, this comes down to customer reviews and the experience the manufacturer has. If the manufacturer has bad reviews that mention poor quality shower pods, late delivery or (god forbid) no delivery at all, it’s safe to keep walking. Experience, as mentioned before, is a big key factor in this. Typically, you would want a manufacturer who has had more than 10 years’ experience in the shower pods business. This would give them plenty of experience and make sure that they are definitely reliable, as unreliable manufacturers generally wouldn’t last as long.

How To Know If A Manufacturer Is Right for You

When looking for a manufacturer, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. Many reputable manufacturers are willing to work around your budget, but it should be a top priority when looking for a manufacturer. As building contractors only have a set budget, it’s understandable to not want to go outside of this budget for things like showers. 

Additionally, you should keep an eye out for the manufacturer’s customer service. If their customer service record is lacking, it may not be such a good manufacturer and you may be better off looking elsewhere for your shower pods. 

While customer service isn’t everything, it can be a big indicator on how a manufacturer runs their business and as such, how they’re likely to treat you. Are they hard to get a hold of? Keep searching.

As a building contractor, finding the right suppliers is essential for a project to run smoothly. Making sure that everything is in order before purchasing is paramount to getting a good quality product. Hopefully, my tips today have given you some guidance and should help you in your search for a shower pod.

The Shower Pods Guide

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