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The Benefits Of Humidistats

Posted by Kevin Taylor

close up of a digital temperature reading to show the benefits of humidistats

Humidistats are a fantastic addition to any bathroom. If you are concerned about the humidity in your shower space and don’t feel that a traditional extractor fan is adequate, then keep reading. We explore the many benefits of humidistats for health and wellbeing.

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Reducing Damp And Mould

The main purpose of a humidistat is to measure the humidity in the air so it can be reduced as necessary. As we all know, the most humid part of most buildings is the shower room or bathroom. These areas are often left with moisture on the walls and surfaces after a steamy shower, leading to mould and damp. Both of these can have negative effects on health, impacting allergies, increasing respiratory issues, and worsening asthma.

Removing Moisture Content

With the health implications of a damp bathroom in mind, humidistats are a great way to balance humidity and reduce moisture. They measure the humidity level in the room and can ensure it is always optimal - for most settings, this is around 40-50%. This means that a bathroom is never so humid that mould and bacteria can grow.

Balancing Humidity Levels

Keeping air from being too moist is important. However, a humidistat also helps to guarantee that it is not so dry that it becomes uncomfortable. Air that is too dry can cause your skin to become drier and more prone to cracking, which is especially noticeable during the winter months. A humidistat reduces the impact of this indoors when used with a humidifier.

Prolonging Your Shower’s Lifespan

Another fantastic benefit of a humidistat is that the reduced humidity will improve the lifespan of your shower, bath and grout in general. Bathrooms are prone to mould and mildew, especially when excess moisture is not removed. With a humidistat keeping the humidity at a good level, and with adequate ventilation being provided in general, mould and mildew will not damage the look and quality of your fixtures and fittings. This can be especially apparent in tiled bathrooms, where there is a lot of visible grout.

Find Out More With Advanced Showers

A humidistat can be a hugely beneficial way to create a healthier shower environment for any home or building. If you would like to find out more about humidistats and finding the best shower to reduce mould and mildew, get in touch with Advanced Showers now.

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