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5 Strategies For Reducing Damp In The Home

Posted by Michael Kiernan

5 Strategies For Reducing Damp In The Home

Damp is never a welcome guest in a home or student residence and, unfortunately, it doesn’t discriminate. Whatever the age, style, and size of your property, damp problems can occur when you least expect them, causing the unhealthy growth of mould, a feeling of cold, and – if left untreated – serious structural issues that could be expensive to remedy.

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While treatment is an option, it makes sense to take proactive steps to prevent damp from setting in in the first place. Fortunately, there are several simple, yet effective and inexpensive, steps you can take to keep damp at bay.

Don’t Neglect Basic Maintenance

Residential properties are all subjected to downfalls of rain throughout the year, so the gutter and drain system is designed to keep it watertight. Blockages, cracks, and leaks occur over time, particularly on gutters, so keep a watchful eye for signs of trouble and take swift action when necessary. Leaks will quickly penetrate the brickwork of the property, causing damp spots inside which can cause plaster to crumble, wallpaper to discolour, and mould to grow. Also, periodically check that the mortar between the bricks is still intact and renew it if necessary.

Improve Ventilation

A continuous airflow around the home will help prevent damp from taking hold, and it’s not just on wet areas that you should focus. In bathrooms and kitchens, extractor fans will eliminate the moisture from the air, preventing it from settling on surfaces; however, in other rooms it is worth opening windows daily (including in the winter) as warm central heating will cause condensation problems if the air cannot flow around window frames and into hidden corners.

Install A Leak-Free Shower Pod

Damp in bathrooms, particularly in hidden spaces under floors, is often caused by poorly fitted or ageing shower cubicles. Water will always find a way, whether that’s under acrylic seals, through the porous grout between tiles, or around a loose drain connector. The problem with leaking showers is that the damp is often invisible, as it occurs under floorboards, while a run-off along joists can result in the symptoms appearing in seemingly unrelated areas of the bathroom.

Installing a shower pod is guaranteed to solve the problem, as well as ditching the outdated appearance of your tile and tray shower. Proven to be leak-proof, shower pods offer a modern, ergonomic alternative to troublesome shower cubicles, which are manufactured in such a way that leaks simply cannot occur.

Avoid Drying Clothes Indoors

Many people believe tumble driers to be an expensive way to dry their clothes, but today’s models are highly rated for their efficiency. Drying clothes on radiators increases moisture levels in the air, leading to damp problems. A modern tumble dryer will help to reduce the problem instantly.

Mind The Gap!

Finally, a simple but effective tip to reduce damp is to move furniture a few inches away from the walls. This increases airflow and helps to keep the inside of the walls dry.

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