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Shower Pod vs Wet Room: Which is Best?

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Shower Pod vs Wet Room Which is Best

Mention a wet room, and the mind can conjure up all sorts of exotic ideas. All that space to turn around in without bumping into cold wall-tiles, or a shower for two. Stylish, contemporary, modern: the adjectives trip off the page when reading about the benefits. There’s no doubt wet rooms have been making something of a comeback in recent years, but are they everything the glossy brochures claim?

A Place For Everything

For an architect designing the interiors of an estate of luxury properties or apartments, wet rooms might be the chic, contemporary bathroom style prospective buyers look for. For someone refurbishing a residential school or university campus, where space and finance are at a premium, shower pods tick all the boxes.

Installation Costs

Whatever its size, installing a wet room can be a time consuming and costly business. Flooring has to be removed to accommodate the base. Plumbing has to be re-routed. A small gradient needs to be included, to make sure water runs toward the drain. A waterproof membrane, sealed to the flooring and up the walls has to be laid, before ceramic tiling of floor and walls can begin. Finally, all the tiles have to be grouted. There are alternatives to tiles. Vinyl sheets are probably the most popular, but are as expensive and time consuming to lay. Consider the cost of all that work, compared to a shower pod. Delivered in the morning, a shower pod can be installed and plumbed-in by teatime.

Ease Of Access

For people with mobility issues, there is a sound argument for choosing a small wet room. With the shower tray flush with the floor, there is nothing to be tripped over. A wheelchair can be positioned close to the shower, allowing the occupant to grip a handrail, and pull themselves upright under the shower. However, if a whole room has been converted to a wet room, with the showerhead in the centre of the room, able-bodied and disabled users run the risk of a tumble on wet slippery tiles. In fact, most shower pods can be installed in a room so as to give perfect access for users with mobility difficulties. Speak to our designers for more information.

There is a place for wet rooms. Residential developers who want to equip their properties with trendy home must-haves; and high-end hotels with gyms, saunas, hot tubs, and therapy rooms all may consider wet room installation – but a similarly chic, luxurious look can be achieved with a shower pod, at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, for places like university campuses and budget hotels, where tough, cost-effective and functional design take preference over modern chic, shower pods are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are quick, easy and cheap to install, with minimum maintenance needs. For more information on our range of shower pods, please click here to download our free Shower Pods Guide.

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