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Looking For A New Style Of Shower For Your Selection? Call Advanced Showers

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Looking beyond your internal product library and the standard selections available to most residential projects is the key to pushing boundaries and creating spaces that truly captivate and perform.

In the rapidly changing landscape of residential architecture, Advanced Showers provides an innovative showering solution with the potential to truly enhance the design and functionality of your projects.

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Modernise Your Bathroom Designs With Shower Pods

What is a shower pod, and how does it compare to traditional shower cubicles? Shower pods are modular shower enclosures that come with their own integrated walls, trays, and sometimes, their own ceiling. Most shower pods can be assembled on-site and fully operational in just a couple of hours, usually without the need for additional mastic or grout. Compared to conventional tile and tray shower cubicles, which involve a wide range of separate components and require the skills of several tradespeople, shower pods have the advantage of straightforward installation and intrinsically leakproof design.

A growing number of residential developers are also turning to shower pods for their sleek design and modern aesthetic, as well as their ability to solve many of the practical issues that standard showers often face – such as leaks, maintenance issues, and their links to poor indoor air quality.

Their versatility in configuration, ease of installation, and minimal impact on surrounding surfaces and furnishings make shower pods the ideal solution for many architectural bathroom and shower room briefs. Shower pods can also help you optimise space within the design, which is a significant factor in contemporary urban dwellings.

With our range of modular pods, you have the freedom to mix and match shapes, styles, and features to create the perfect shower configuration for your project. At Advanced Showers, we offer a bespoke design and installation service tailored to the individual needs of your customer – this level of personalisation not only sets your design apart but also heightens the overall experience of the space, leaving a positive impression on clients and end-users alike.

Leakproof And Waterproof

One of the persistent concerns in traditional bathroom design is to ensure that shower units remain watertight and leak-free throughout their lifetime. Keeping water contained within the unit is not just a ‘nice have’ feature; it’s an essential safety requirement in a shower cubicle – which is why the primary focus of our shower pod technology is to make each shower pod reliably leakproof.

Each of our shower pods is engineered with state-of-the-art fibreglass materials to keep every drop of water within the shower unit, and every pod is rigorously tested for quality and reliability, giving you full peace of mind that each shower design will remain safe from water damage while maintaining a pristine look over the years.

Sustainable And Maintenance-Friendly

With a growing focus on sustainability among residential developers and house buyers, it’s imperative that architectural designs follow suit. In light of this, our showering solutions are designed to be both eco-friendly and low maintenance, with all materials selected with sustainability in mind, reducing environmental impact without compromising quality. Our designs are also inherently crafted to minimise water consumption and are compatible with a wide range of water and energy-saving technologies, helping customers and end users embrace a greener future.

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Whether your design brief requires a sleek, imposing structure or a more open and airier feel, we have a shower pod to precisely meet your needs and those of your customers. Our range includes modern and minimalist designs as well as more traditional options, with a perfect fit for every design vision.

To find out more about our range of shower pods and how they fit in with your architectural designs, please call Advanced Showers today on  01483 532020 to arrange a free consultation. 

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