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Will Losing The Bathtub Lower The Value Of Your Property?

Posted by Kevin Taylor


It's a question that property developers and architects are asking themselves – with gas prices on the rise, is it worth installing a bathtub in a new build or renovation? And if not, what should take its place?

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To Bath Or Not To Bath?

Baths have been a popular fixture in homes for centuries, but with new trends emerging and many people now living in smaller properties, they are getting less attention. So, should you ditch the bathtub in favour of an easy-maintenance walk in shower pod?

Walk in shower pods are enjoying increased popularity among private homeowners, landlords, and student accommodation managers, and in some cases are a better option than having a bathtub, but there are pros and cons to both options. 

A bathtub can add value and style to a property, as it is seen as a luxurious feature for couples without children and is often an essential feature for young families. However, a walk-in shower pod is an affordable, space-saving fixture that could add value to your property with some demographics and elevate its appeal to potential buyers.

Ultimately, your choice comes down to the needs of the individual property. A walk-in shower pod could be more appealing than a bathtub for smaller properties, such as retirement homes and flats. However, a bathtub could be the better option for larger properties with more space – in which case you could even have both. So it's essential to consider the needs of your target market when making this decision.

Benefits of shower pods over bathtubs:

  • Lower Cost of Installation: A walk-in shower pod can be installed for a fraction of the cost of a bathtub, as it requires less supporting plumbing and infrastructure.
  • Reduced Water Consumption: A walk-in shower pod uses significantly less water than a bathtub. This is because the water is directed over the body instead of filling up a large tub.
  • Versatility: Shower pods come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that will fit your specific room layout. Whether you are looking for an accessible pod, a pod to fit into a corner or something extra luxurious, there is sure to be a pod to please your potential buyer.

What's Next?

At Advanced Showers, we design and installing walk-in shower pods for a wide range of residential properties. If you are considering whether a bathtub or a walk-in shower pod is the best option for your new build or renovated property, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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