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How Shower Pods Can Support Frontline Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted by Kevin Taylor

How Shower Pods Can Support Frontline Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Showers for frontline NHS staff have never been so important. Our brilliant healthcare professionals – from nurses to carers and doctors to paramedics – do a difficult job at the best of times, but the Covid-19 pandemic has placed them under even greater pressure. With personal protective equipment (PPE) at the heart of protecting NHS workers from infection, access to showers has become essential, not only to allow staff to wash away the sweat accumulated on long shifts in high temperatures, but also to eliminate lingering traces of contamination that could threaten their own health.

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Shower Pods On The Covid-19 Frontline

Staff at Royal Surrey Hospital have recently benefited from the installation of modular shower pods which were supplied urgently during the Covid-19 crisis to ensure frontline workers had immediate access to washing and decontamination facilities.

Constructed from durable GRP, shower pods such as our own are ideal for rapid installation, as they can be set up in no time at all without the need for time-consuming tiling, grouting, and sealing. Supplied in large portable sections, the components are easily bolted together to form a watertight seal, so they can be brought into immediate use as there is no need to use acrylic sealants which takes between 24 and 48 hours to cure properly. If healthcare staff need urgent access to showers, pods – such as those we supply at Advanced Showers – are the fastest, simplest solution.

Shower pods: A Hygienic Solution For Healthcare Settings

Exceptional hygiene is essential in hospitals, care homes, and healthcare clinics, which is another reason why Advanced Showers’ pods are almost custom-made for the frontline of patient care.

The glass-reinforced polymer that is applied to the surface of our shower pods is not a hospitable environment for microbes and viruses to survive. Unlike traditional tile and tray showers, which have grooves between tiles and difficult-to-reach corners where bugs can thrive, the smooth surfaces of shower pods can be quickly and easily cleaned, and are resistant to hospital-grade disinfectants that are essential to killing any lingering pathogens.

By choosing Advanced Showers shower pods for your healthcare setting, you can be confident that deep cleaning can be carried effectively out in no time at all, protecting your staff and patients from the spread of harmful germs.

Advanced Showers: Your First Choice For Shower Pods For The Workplace

At Advanced Showers, we’re ready to work with healthcare professionals who are on the frontline of patient care. Our shower pods, which are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, can be rapidly installed in hospitals, GP surgeries, emergency services hubs, or care homes, providing staff with the access they need to decontaminate after treating patients or simply to freshen up after a challenging shift.

We can even set up shower pods temporarily if a crisis develops, to give colleagues the showers they need until normal circumstances resume! For more information on how Advanced Showers can support your healthcare setting, give one of our support team a call today.

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