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5 Ways Our Modular Shower Pods Could Revolutionise Your Architectural Designs

Posted by Michael Kiernan

5 Ways Our Modular Shower Pods Could Revolutionise Your Architectural Designs

If you're sketching out your latest floorplans for new build residences, you're going to want to get the most from your permanent fixtures. Modular bathroom designs are a simple trick that you can use to optimise floor use, improve the look of a tight, enclosed bathroom, and quickly add value to new builds and rented accommodation.

The Home Builder's Guide to Shower PodsHow do modular shower pods work? It's simple. Just pick out the models and specs you want, fit them to the plans, and organise which type of shower to install to where. Advanced Showers specialise in bulk orders - ideal for new builds and partitioned accommodation (such as hotels or student flats). Here are five great reasons to use our shower pods the next time you're designing a building or planning a renovation for a client.

1) Easy Plumbing And Electrics

By using standard shower pod specifications, you can position your building design's electrical infrastructure, ventilation, and plumbing lines in repeated, neat patterns where you need them. Repeatability simplifies construction briefs on new-build housing estates and allows technicians quick access for installation, maintenance, and repairs.

2) Click-And-Paste Designs

Are you tired of mapping out almost-identical prints for every bathroom due to slightly differing bespoke designs? Pods help reduce lead times as well as making your life as an architect far easier. With modular pods, you can create quick, adaptable mini-blueprints that speed up assembling a full building plan. Moveability and adjustability mean that shower pods can be matched to and inserted quickly into viable spaces. They're much smaller than most other shower solutions, making them adaptable to renovations, odd spaces, and tight squeezes.

3) Guaranteed Quality

Off-site checks and quality control by experts mean that you and your client don't have to worry about secondary assessments once the showers are in place. Pre-fab pods can be reassembled, plumbed, and left to run with full functionality guaranteed from day one.

4) Modular Upgrades And Modifications

Need to upgrade a set of bathrooms quickly with better, firmer fittings and fixtures? Custom pod manufacturing options, tiered sizes and footprints, and the sheer variety of pods available allow you to fit the pod to what your space needs to shine. It's simple to modify and replace panels, traps, and parts inside the pod, too.

5) Cost-Cutting bulk manufacturing plans

Shower pods have a simple but critical advantage over conventional shower enclosures - they're far cheaper to buy and install. Every pod includes a standalone base and fixed door or curtain, reducing expensive post-construction add-ons.

Modular shower pods from Advanced Showers

Need modular shower pods manufactured to your client’s exact criteria, at market-beating rates? Get in touch with one of our sales advisers today.

Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods

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Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods
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