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Advanced Showers: 29 Years Old And Still Going Strong

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Who among our readers can remember what they were doing in 1995? Some of you may have been at secondary school, some of you in nappies, and some of you may not have been born yet. For those of you that like a bit of trivia, the UK number one for three weeks in January 1995 was Cotton Eye Joe by the Rednex, remember that?? (only to be displaced by Think Twice by Celine Dion in the first week of February!). 29 years can certainly feel like a long time… For us, 1995 was a special time because that’s when Advanced Showers was started as a company.

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What started back then as a local company providing showers to student accommodation businesses and halls of residence has grown into something much bigger and broader over the subsequent three decades. From modest beginnings, we have broadened our scope to include all types of businesses in need of convenient and hassle-free showering facilities. We have seen many businesses come and go since 1995 and consider it an honour to have worked with a team of experienced and dedicated technicians, salespeople, and service professionals over the years. Thank you.

One of the reasons behind the longevity of Advanced Showers as a business is our ability to adapt our shower pods to the changing needs and requirements of our customers. Since the beginning we have sold more than 35,000 shower pods. With a wide variety of options available to suit different applications and budgets, and a commitment to using superior materials that are high quality, durable, and long lasting, we aim to provide a long lasting and cost-effective solution that delivers great performance and ROI for each customer.

Versatile, leak free solution

Our product itself is another reason that customers keep coming back to Advanced Showers. Our shower pods are self-contained units in which the shower, tray, and enclosure are delivered as a modular unit, providing a complete leak free showering solution adaptable to any size of bath or shower room. The main advantage of shower pods over traditional tile and tray cubicles is that they do not require any separate tiling and grouting, which is time-consuming and requires regular upkeep to prevent  , seeping damp, and leaks.

Our shower pods are available in a variety of styles, configurations, and sizes to suit different bathroom layouts and applications – from portable units to spacious and luxurious pods for residential properties – giving landlords, facilities managers, building contractors, and property developers a stylish and low maintenance option for any residential or commercial wash facility.

Next steps

To find out more about our shower pods and the benefits for your project, please call us today on [01483 532020].

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