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Why Shower Pods Are Ideal In A Phased Bathroom Refurbishment

Posted by Kevin Taylor


The refurbishment of student bathrooms is often perceived to be time-consuming and inconvenient, particularly as putting facilities out of action must be timed carefully to coincide with student holidays.

Get Your Free 30 Min Consultation!In halls of residence or apartments, the replacement of multiple bathrooms simultaneously would potentially make accommodation uninhabitable, causing loss of income for the university or rehousing problems that would be difficult to solve. With many campuses used during vacations for conferences and business accommodation, waiting until the end of term is often not an option either.

The Advantages Of A Block Phase Bathroom Refurbishment

A viable alternative is to upgrade your student bathrooms in block phases, on a rolling basis, rather than all at once. Installing modular shower pods can greatly support the refurbishment, slashing the time it takes to replace traditional tile and tray showers (that each need time-consuming tiling, grouting, and sealing). With shower pods, replacement is simple and quick – with no grouting or sealing to complete - delivering outstanding hygienic results in a fraction of time so that bathroom facilities can be returned to use promptly.

A block phase student bathroom refurbishment offers several important benefits:

1) Alternative Accommodation Can Be Scheduled More Easily.

Instead of taking all bathrooms out of action at the same time, each group of bathrooms can be refitted separately, so only a limited number of students need to be moved into temporary accommodation at any one time. A floor-by-floor approach keeps as many students in their usual rooms as possible while installing shower pods will help to return facilities to use as quickly as possible.

2) The Cost Of Bathroom Refurbishment Can Be Spread.

Upgrading bathrooms gradually means the cost of refurbishment can be spread over months or years in manageable instalments. This will support your cash flow, enabling you to make more informed decisions about expenditure, particularly during times of uncertainty such as the recent pandemic, which has affected how many students are living in halls of residence at one time. Contractors can also be paid only when they are needed, rather than having to pay multiple workers at the same time.

3) Deliveries Can Be Centralised To Reduce Disruption.

By refurbishing bathrooms in phased blocks, you won’t be faced with the challenge of large volumes of materials and fittings arriving at the same time. Deliveries from manufacturers once a month, for example, eliminates storage problems and expensive bills. Choosing to install modular shower pods also reduces installation time, as each unit comprises several large sections that are bolted together in situ for an effective, watertight seal with no need to tile and grout afterwards.

Contact Advanced Showers For Modern, Hygienic Shower Pods For Student Accommodation

At Advanced Showers, we supply high-quality, ergonomic shower pods for halls of residence and student flats that can be rapidly fitted to reduce the time that bathrooms are out of use. To find out more, download our free Shower Pods Guide or get in touch on 01483 532020.

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