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What Is The Global Water Crisis, And How Can Shower Pods Help?

Posted by Kevin Taylor


If 70% of the earth is water, why are we talking about a water crisis? Today’s article lays bare some stark truths, but offers some glimmers of hope regarding how everyday showering choices can help reduce waste on a personal and business level. 

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What Is The Global Water Crisis?

70% of the earth may be water, but did you know that only 3% isn’t salty? According to the Commonwealth Human Ecology Council, most of that freshwater is locked up in the 726,000 km2 of glaciers that still exist. It’s a frightening statistic, because it leaves the world running on the equivalent of a 1% battery, and it’s a battery that doesn’t have a charging cable. Fresh water is a finite resource that is rapidly running out, and, unfortunately, it simply isn’t feasible to throw two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom together and expect to restore our global water supply. 


Why Is The Water Crisis A Problem?

One of the main challenges of the water crisis is ecological interruption. This happens in multiple ways. For instance, it has a significant influence on climate patterns by creating unstable evaporation and rain cycles, and also contributes to soil degradation. Together, this forms a vicious circle of droughts, impacting agriculture, causing socioeconomic instability, and – as we’ve seen in the UK this summer (2022) – producing the perfect tinder-dry conditions for wildfires. Many of our solutions to climate change, such as planting more trees, demand vast quantities of water, so the problem has multiple and complex layers. 


Is There A Solution To The Water Crisis?

The experts think that there is, but it’s going to take time and lots of money – up to $9.7 trillion (USD) globally, according to the most recent estimates - to get it sorted. The solution will have to involve implementing technologies, making changes to policy and practice around the world, engaging in international collaboration, and changing the way that people understand and use water. It’s a big ask, but a vital mission. 

How Are Advanced Showers Helping The Water Crisis?

At Advanced Showers, we protect water by minimising our usage and waste, and by designing a sustainability plan. However, our shower pods also play a significant role due to their leak-proof guarantee. Every day, 3.3 billion litres of water are lost in the UK due to leaking pipes, roughly 1,180 Olympic swimming pools, but with a shower pod there is far less wasting of this precious resource. Our shower pods can be combined with a water-saving shower head which can dramatically cut down on the amount of water used per shower session. It may only be a small drop in a vast ocean, but when the world is running on 1%, every drop makes a difference.  

Next Steps

If you’re interested in water-efficient shower solutions for your new development or refurbishment, we have an extensive range of shower pod options to suit every budget and requirement. To get in touch, please [click here], or call 01483 532020.

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