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Top Ways to be More Productive in the Shower

Posted by Michael Kiernan

As our modern lives become busier and busier with to-do lists and activities filling almost every minute, you may well be wishing for more than 24 hours in a day. However, what if you could make quieter moments in your day more productive, starting with your morning shower? Here are five great ideas to make shower time more like "power time" on the productivity scale.

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1) Make Some Notes

Sometimes you can have some fantastic ideas, while scrubbing away in the shower, that you promise yourself you will write down as soon as you can, only to find you can't remember what they were. By investing in a waterproof notebook or some bath crayons, you can scribble while you scrub, helping you get a clear head start and plan your day ahead before it even begins. Feeling relaxed in a comforting warm shower helps you to tap into your more creative side, so this could be the ideal time to brainstorm some of your best ideas for a tricky problem or project you are working on.

2) Multi-Task

There is so much you can do while taking a shower that can save you precious time over the rest of the day. Why not brush your teeth while you give your hair conditioner time to work? Better still, steam from a hot shower is a superb way to get creases out of clothes and by hanging up your outfit in the bathroom, you can freshen your clothes at the same time. Alternatively, take in some cleaning products and give your shower and shower screen a quick once over at the same time to cut down on housework later on.

3) Buy a Waterproof Speaker

With a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, you can connect with all your favourite online apps to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or even just music while you shower. With all the great podcasts and streaming channels now available, you could learn a new skill, try out a new language or catch up with the latest news from the comfort of your home shower.

4) Get Energised - Bond Style!

A ‘water meter shower’, also known as a James Bond Shower, starts with warm water as you get the washing part done then gradually becomes cooler and cooler, ending in a blast of completely cold water (as if you’ve run out of credits on your water meter). As well as waking you up and making you feel refreshed, the health benefits of a James Bond Shower are enormous. The cold water increases white blood cell activity, giving your immune system a boost, and it also helps improve your circulation, skin, and hair. Furthermore, cold water can combat low mood by releasing norepinephrine - a hormone used to treat depression.

5) Treat Yourself

Ultimately, time in the shower, however short, is precious time when you can be by yourself and take care of your needs. It is a great time to practise mindfulness techniques or indulge in some meditation under the soothing flow of water. Using positive affirmations at the start of the day can change your mindset to help you make the most of every minute of the day ahead.

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Clearly, shower time can be so much more than a simple cleansing ritual and making the most of this time can transform the rest of your day. Which techniques will you try first? At Advanced Showers, our mission is to make shower time as enjoyable and convenient as possible, and have designed our shower pods to be sleek, spacious, and easy to maintain. To find out more about shower pods and how they compare to conventional ‘ tile and tray’ shower cubicles, please give us a call today, or click here to download a copy of our Ultimate Shower Pods Guide.

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