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How To Get The Most Out Of Modular Containers For Site Buildings

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Modular containers are a welcome space on any construction site, used as offices, breakout areas, staff rooms, and even sleeping and washing facilities. Known for their practicality, flexibility, and reliability, they offer a purpose-designed response to site requirements. Here are a few ideas for getting the most out of your modular facilities.

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1) Set Out Your Needs Clearly

Especially on long term building sites, modular containers quickly become a home-from-home for workers. Therefore, to make sure the space has everything that employees need, begin by determining the ideal set-up before the project begins. For instance, if the modular container is being used in a location that is wet and windy, heating and insulation may be considered. If sensitive documents are being stored, controlled access is important. It’s also worth thinking about practicalities such as comfort and hygiene, such as having a designated tea and coffee area or washing facilities. When the needs are clearly defined, the results will be more rewarding. 

2) Plan For Pre-Transport Installation

Many elements of the modular container can be safely installed prior to the structure being transported to its location. Take shower pods, for instance. They are a popular addition to many modular buildings, especially on sites where the containers have a semi-residential role. Employees benefit from being able to clean up after a long day or, for those staying on-site, get ready in the morning. A great way to save money on hotel accommodation, the approach also reduces commute times and enables increased flexibility of working hours. Sites can further save time and money by ensuring that the pods are transported along with the container, increasing their efficiency. 

3) Opt For Long-Term Solutions

Even though many modular containers are designed for temporary use, the components inside them don’t have to be. Repurposing is an efficient way to save money whilst reducing waste, so companies can budget wisely by investing in units designed for longevity. For example, one of the reasons that shower pods are such a welcome choice for construction sites is that they are built to last and can therefore be easily moved between sites. Additionally, their leak-proof design minimises mould and prevents structural damage. When organisations plan ahead, resources tend to be much more coherently organised, leading to long-term benefits. 

4) Add Parts That Are Easy To Replace

Modular containers on construction sites tend to experience very high volumes of traffic. As such, they have more wear and tear than many locations, which is one of the reasons that the choice of interior materials can make a difference to the value for money. Ideally, find components that can be easily and quickly replaced if any damage occurs. For instance, a new self-contained shower pod can be installed in as little as a day, ensuring that maintenance is straightforward. The fewer interruptions to life on site, the more productive the working day will be. 

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