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Why All Modern Flats Should Be Fitted With Leak-Proof Shower Pods

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Building and designing hundreds of properties isn't an easy task – it requires a significant amount of time and effort on the part of the developer. But what if you could make some of the fit-out process more straightforward? This is where shower pods come in. Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing leak-proof shower pods in modern flats.

The Home Builder's Guide to Shower Pods

Better Organisation

One of the biggest issues that developers face is making sure they order every individual part of a shower enough times over. But shower pods come in packages, with everything needed to install the shower inside, which means that there is no need to keep track of dozens of parts.

Quick Installation

One of the most significant benefits of using a leakproof shower pod is its ease and speed of installation. Installing a shower pod takes less than a day, requiring little assembly and enabling developers to create a liveable flat as soon as feasibly possible. This is a sharp contrast to traditional showers, which require a significant amount of assembly and plumbing.

Long Lasting

One of the worries that many landlords have is the high cost of repairs. This is especially true in the case of plumbing, as a single component failure in a traditional shower means disassembling the shower and completing comprehensive repair work. Advanced Showers' shower pods offer a long-life solution, which means that you spend longer between repairs and have a better opportunity to budget effectively in the long term.

Extended Warranty

To ensure a high level of security for your finances, having a warranty in place means that you have the best chance possible of looking after your money. When you assemble a shower using standard components, there is no blanket warranty in place. Whether you have issues with your tiling or shower tray, there is no financial recourse for repairs. An Advanced Showers shower pod means that you have a 5-year long warranty, giving you peace of mind that should something go wrong, you won't be out of pocket.

Try Advanced Showers

If you're interested in using simple-to-install showers with great longevity, get in touch with the Advanced Showers team today to find out more and get a quote.

Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods

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Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods
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