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How To Keep Your Home Mould-Free

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Pristine white bathroom with glass shower cubicle, exemplifying how to prevent mould in the home.

Mould can be a persistent and frustrating problem that is both unsightly and potentially dangerous to human health. It can appear just about anywhere in the home, although humid rooms are particularly susceptible, but solving the problem takes more determination than simply wiping away the black stains from surfaces. In this article, we’ll explore some practical steps you can take to get rid of bathroom mould and the advantages of our leakproof shower pods.


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Identify The Root Cause

Mould is inevitably the result of excess moisture or humidity within a room, which is why bathrooms and kitchens are especially vulnerable to the problem. If moisture is allowed to accumulate, mould is more likely to form, so the first step is to identify the cause:

  1. Check for evidence of damp on ceilings, walls, and floors, remembering that it may be difficult to see if concealed behind furniture or under floor coverings.

  2. Ensure that drains and pipes are free from leaks and that waste water isn’t backing up or escaping due to a blockage or degraded seal.

  3. Check window fittings for evidence of failed seals which could allow rainwater to penetrate.

  4. Consider whether there is adequate airflow around the room, including behind furniture or fixtures.

  5. Ensure that extractor fans are operable and free from debris and blockages.

Use A Dehumidifier Or Extractor

Dehumidifiers and extractor fans are excellent for removing excess moisture from the air in a humid room. Dehumidifiers draw in damp air, cool it to condense the moisture, and then release dry air back into the room, whereas extractors expel humid air through an opening in an external wall or a pipe.

Extractor fans may be required in bathrooms under Building Regulations, so check whether yours complies with current recommendations. Extractors don’t need to be left running continuously: simply turn the fan on when showering or bathing and allow it to operate for a few minutes afterwards.

Let Sunlight In!

Sunlight is the natural enemy of mould. By keeping curtains and blinds open during the day, you’ll increase natural light which will warm the room and helps the air and surfaces to dry out. This makes conditions less hospitable for mould and discourages its growth.

Reduce The Temperature Of The Shower

Hot showers and baths produce more steam and condensation, which can accelerate mould growth. Reducing the temperature of showers helps to decrease the amount of condensation in the bathroom, making it less welcoming to mould while also decreasing energy costs.

Invest In A Mould-Resistant Shower Pod

Traditional tile-and-tray showers are notorious for developing mould problems. Tiny cracks in grout and acrylic seals allow water to escape and accumulate where it can’t be seen, resulting in persistent damp and mould growth. In contrast, shower pods are manufactured from durable Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), which is highly resistant to mould and easy to clean. And, because tiles aren’t needed, there’s no need to use grout or acrylic seals, so long-term maintenance is minimal.

At Advanced Showers, our shower pods are guaranteed to be leak-free, so you can be confident that they will help to inhibit the growth of mould in your bathroom.

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