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How To Maximise Space In Small Bathrooms

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Running shower filling a cramped bathroom with steam underscoring space limitations and highlighting the need to maximise space.

Everyone loves a big bathroom, but more often than not it simply isn’t possible to devote a huge chunk of living space to a room that is used for only a few minutes a day. In fact, some residential properties are designed with tiny bathrooms in mind: in student housing or halls of residence, bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side so as many individual flats as possible can be squeezed into the available space. In hospital accommodation for nurses, bathrooms are a purely functional resource: a private place to wash at the end of a frantic or tiring shift.

When space is a premium, a full-size bath is a luxury. Leakproof shower pods, however, offer fantastic space-saving convenience without compromising on style, durability, or cost, as we’ll explain in this article.


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The Challenges Of Showering In A Small Bathroom

When you have minimal space in your bathroom, you need a space-saving solution that overcomes several challenges. Residents need to be able to enjoy a relaxing shower in comfort, so taking advantage of the available space in the bathroom is critical. Showers need to be easy to clean and maintain, as restricted space may make it difficult to crouch down or access hard-to-reach areas. And, because even small bathrooms vary in size and layout, a standard shower size or design may not always be suitable.

How Self-Contained Shower Pods Can Make The Best Of Limited Space

At Advanced Showers, our modular shower pods are designed and manufactured with the small bathroom in mind. We understand that a one-size-fits-all solution simply may not be appropriate as limited space can blunt creativity when planning the design of the room. Therefore, our range of shower pods includes: 

  • Corner shower pods that can be neatly installed into a curved or corner space.

  • Alcove shower pods that fit snugly between a space within a wall, thereby taking up no additional floor space.

  • Narrow shower pods only 650mm wide for the ultimate in space-saving.

  • Bespoke shower pods to meet your specific needs without long lead times.

Whatever size or style you choose, you can be reassured that our shower pods are easy to install, clean, and maintain, irrespective of the amount of room available.

  • Our pods are assembled in-situ, with the sections locking together tightly to prevent water leaks.
  • Manufactured from attractive and smooth GRP, our pods are effortless to clean: simply wipe with an appropriate cleaning agent for an instantly sparkling effect.
  • With no tiles, grout, or sealant required, you won’t face the problem of maintaining the shower pods in limited space.

So, if you’re looking for the best shower cubicles for small bathrooms, our shower pods are the modern, leakproof, and adaptable solution that will define even the tiniest of washrooms.

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