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How To Make Your Shower Room And Accessible For Children

Posted by Michael Kiernan


Shower time is fun for kids and a great source of distraction for parents! But the bathroom poses
hidden dangers for children and it’s important to minimise any risks before you let them loose.
While you might expect drowning or scalding to be the most common danger in the bathroom, more
youngsters are injured by slips and falls.

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Taking preventative actions is, therefore, not only common sense but a matter of good parenting.
So, what measures can you take to make your shower room safe and accessible for kids?

Replace Your Outdated Cubicle With A Modern Shower Pod


Shower pods are the latest innovation for family bathrooms, creating a stylish and safe place to
enjoy a shower. With a specially designed floor that channels water away from where your young
ones will stand, they’ll be less prone to slipping, while sliding or outward-opening doors make
climbing in and out of the shower child’s play.

Thanks to the smooth, ergonomic design, constructed from GRP, you’ll be glad to know that a wipe
down is all you need to keep the shower pod in clean condition, with no grout, tiles, or acrylic to
scrub at fruitlessly. And, with a guarantee to be leak-free, you needn’t worry about water escaping
and causing damage to the family home.

Available in a range of styles and sizes, at Advanced Showers we can supply shower pods for any
bathroom design. If you’ve got the space, why not invest in a spacious 1250mm model to give the
kids the largest space possible in which to wash and play?


Pod Use Bathmats To Prevent Slips On The Floor


When a child leaves the shower, some splattering of water on the bathroom floor is unavoidable but
it’s often overlooked as a potential danger. The risk of slipping is exacerbated by the type of floor
coverings that tend to feature in bathrooms, as vinyl and tiles become slippery quite quickly. The
strategic positioning of absorbent bathmats is inexpensive yet effective in solving the problem.


Pod Install An Anti-Scald Device


Being able to automatically control the temperature of your shower water is an invaluable way to
prevent an accident from occurring. Installed by a qualified plumber, an anti-scald device will
regulate the water temperature in your shower pod at a safe level, preventing it from becoming too
hot. You’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that a scalding simply won’t be able to happen, keeping
the children safe for however long they play in the shower.


Never Leave Your Child Unattended


It almost goes without saying, but most serious bathroom accidents occur when a child is left
unattended. Even in a shower, the relatively shallow amount of water that pools in the tray can pose
a danger to a young child, while a slip that results in an injury can occur the moment you turn your
back. Quite simply, never leave your child alone and avoid the temptation to be distracted by your


Pod Contact Advanced Showers For Safe Shower Pod Solutions


If you’d like to investigate installing a modern, hygienic shower pod in your bathroom to replace the outdated tile-and-tray cubicle, get in touch with Advanced Showers today. We supply a range of sizes, styles, and shapes of pods, which can provide your whole family with a clean and safe place to shower. Our Shower Pods Guide is free to download; alternatively, you’re welcome to call to find out more.

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