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How Shower Pods Help With HSE Compliance

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Compliance with health and safety regulations is a hot topic in the construction and facilities management industries. In the UK, the regulations are extensive and cover pretty much every aspect of a building ... and that includes shower safety.

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published official guidelines that apply to bathrooms and shower areas in places like care homes, hospitals, and construction sites. After years of experience working with these sectors, we’ve found that shower pods can make compliance with HSE rules easier. Here’s an overview of the applicable guidelines, as well as a description of how shower pods can help.

Hot Temperatures, The Safe Way

Temperature control is one of the most important themes in risk prevention. Hot water and hot surfaces pose serious risks of burns and scalding, and the risks increase if there’s a chance someone can be immersed in water for a period of time (for example, in bathtubs).

Installing a shower pod instead of a tub can help minimise the risk of burns in vulnerable people like children, adults, or those with limited mobility. High-quality pods meet the healthcare standard in terms of water temperature, which is set at 44°C. Legionella is another serious concern and requires strict temperature control. Shower pods make this easier while reducing the risk of burns.

Preventing Slips And Trips

Slips, trips, and falls are responsible for thousands of accidents every year, and many of them happen in bathrooms. This is a serious problem in care homes and hospitals, so the choice of fittings matter when it comes to preventing slips and trips. Shower pods can help reduce the risk by ensuring efficient drainage and preventing leaks. As a result, there’s no risk of slipping on a puddle of water when exiting the pod. Moreover, they can be custom made so installers don’t have to get into awkward and potentially dangerous positions when fitting them.

Washing Facilities In Construction Sites

The HSE requires that construction sites are equipped with washing facilities, which may include showers if needed. These facilities must be kept separate from areas where workers eat and/or rest when working with hazardous substances. Although there are many shower options available, pods help keep high hygiene standards in construction sites. Unlike other solutions, the pods have a watertight enclosure and help keep washing, eating, and resting areas appropriately separate from each other.

What Next?

There are other ways shower pods can help you anticipate and manage risks for better compliance with HSE regulations. Download the free Shower Pods Guide to find out how, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly if you have any questions.

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