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How Can I Make My Shower More Eco Friendly?

Posted by Kevin Taylor


We all know that we need to make changes regarding sustainability, and with soaring costs, hosepipe bans, and advice to limit our water usage, bathrooms are in the spotlight. Is it possible to make showering more eco-friendly

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Switch To An Eco-Head

Showers can waste a lot of water. Sometimes this is due to leaks or poor design, but often it’s due to the choice or condition of the shower head. Today’s eco options come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and offer a shower experience that stops water wastage while also offering complete luxury. Eco shower heads also use a range of subtle techniques, including the use of mineral beads to soften the water, which prevents the build-up of limescale that can degrade pipes and cause leaks. At Advanced Showers, we’re big supporters of this budget-friendly option! 

Get A Leak-Proof Shower Pod

When in the grip of a global water crisis, no drop should be wasted. Aside from causing expensive damage to buildings, leaks cause an unnecessary drain on a finite global resource. Thankfully, the design of shower pods ensures that the water is entirely contained within the unit. It’s no surprise that with over 30,000 successful installations under our belt, Advanced Showers are recommending this one, but given that the pods are so reliable, we’re proud to promote their green potential. 

Try Some Alternative Cleaning Products

Lots of us are used to bleaching our bathrooms, but these chemicals ultimately end up in our water supply. At the same time, showers need to be kept clean and safe. At Advanced Showers, we’ve seen excellent results with using alternative cleaning products such as apple cider vinegar, which is a limescale remover, mildew remover, and soap-scum dissolver. It also helps that the materials that shower pods are made from are naturally hygienic and easy to maintain, so making the switch to environmentally friendly options is easy. 

Opt For A Shower That Lasts

Our carbon footprints often come from product obsolescence. The manufacturing, transport, and disposal emissions can be hefty, so the longer your product lasts, the more sustainable it is. Shower pods are built to be durable, and many of our clients are still using their original pods 15-20 years down the line. For hotels, schools, and hospitals, this offers a big tick in the green box, and helps investors calculate the sustainability profile. For homeowners and organisations alike, it also means the peace of mind of knowing that the property is as environmentally sustainable as possible. 

What Next?

At Advanced Showers, we’ve got many more ideas to help you relax in the shower rather than worry about its environmental impact. For more information about our shower pods, please [click here] to download our free Ultimate Guide To Shower Pods.   

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