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Can I Use A Rainwater Harvesting System With My Shower Pod?

Posted by Kevin Taylor


As we move towards a more sustainable way of living, rainwater harvesting is gathering pace. This wallet-friendly, safe, sustainable response to responsible water management is a desirable addition to any premises, but does it work with a shower pod? 

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What Is A Rainwater Harvesting System?

Rainwater harvesting systems are an installation that collects, filters, stores, and then re-uses rainwater. People use them for a variety of reasons, such as helping to protect the environment, masonry, and as a flood defence. However, for many their primary attraction is their financial benefit. With the right sized tank, a home or commercial property can survive with minimal or no connection to the grid. There is a variety of different set-ups available. For instance, many people locate the tanks underground, while others opt to have one in the roof like a traditional water tank. Either way, the investment is simple, effective, and efficient. 

What Can I Use Harvested Rainwater For?

The quality of harvested rainwater is very high. Advanced filtration systems mean the water is roughly the same as you’d find in a bath, shower, or non-drinking tap. In other words, it’s the kind of water that we’re used to using in our homes every day. The average rainwater harvesting system will be powering the bathroom, washing machine, dishwasher, garden hose, and – if you’re lucky enough to have one – keeping the swimming pool topped up. Unlike water from the grid, it isn’t treated with controversial minerals such as fluoride, so owners have complete control over the substances in their water.

How Does A Rainwater System Work With A Shower Pod?

Rainwater harvesting systems are plumbed into your ordinary water supply. A control centre monitors the level of collected water in the tank and prioritises the cleaned rainwater until it runs out, switching it straight back onto mains water when required, and back again when the level is restored. The switch is seamless, so when it comes to taking a shower, there will always be water. If you’ve already got a pod installed, the shower will continue working with its normal high levels of efficiency. If you’re getting a shower pod installed, there is no difference to the installation process. 

Is Harvested Rainwater Safe To Use In A Shower Pod?

Surprisingly, harvested rainwater may actually be safer than using a traditional water tank. The tanks are normally made from an advanced polymer that resists bacteria, and this is combined with very thorough filters, plus – if required – hypo chlorite treatment. The result is a tank environment that is less prone to the sludge, algae, and the water-borne diseases that can cause so many problems in bathrooms. Shower pods are already praised for their exceptional hygiene and ease of cleaning, so rainwater harvesting is a natural and logical partner to an already neat piece of design.   

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If you’re interested in making your property’s shower facilities more eco-friendly while saving money by harvesting rainwater, Advanced Showers are here to show you how. To talk to one of our team, please call 01483 532020 today.

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