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Why Architects Need To Plan A Bathroom For Shower Pods

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Planning is something which all architects know is a key part of their job. Proper planning helps you not only include key elements that each space should have but also look at QS costs, what materials might be best to use and how any design fits together in a practical sense.

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Although every project you work on involves this, designing flats can require very careful organisation. This is because flats can often come with restrictions on space which limit what can be done or how you can do it. Student rooms/flats, in particular, can bring these issues - certainly when it comes to planning out the bathroom space.

Shower Pods Are An Ideal Solution

Showers are a key part of any modern bathroom and it is crucial to include them in a way that works. This is not always easy with traditional tile and tray shower units though. Putting this kind of shower into your design might involve having to rip out existing walls, for example. In addition, there is also the cost of the tiles themselves to bear in mind and also the labour costs installing this kind of shower brings.

A much better solution to think about using are modern shower pods. These robust units come in three easy to transport pieces and are very simple to fit together on site. In addition, they can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, should you need to rethink where they work in a practical sense.

The simple, straightforward fitting of shower pods mean your overall spec will be a lot simpler for contractors to grasp. Due to their design, they are also very quick to install and this cuts back on the amount of time contractors have to spend on it.

What Are The Benefits Of Shower Pods?

Any architect will always have an eye on the practical side of what goes into a bathroom. Shower pods score well here because they create a water-tight seal when fitted. This means leaks will not be an issue and any water coming from the shower when used stays inside the pod. These units also offer a cost-effective solution that does not compromise on quality. When you also take into account the stylish aesthetic they bring to any bathroom, their appeal is clear.

Shower Pods From Advanced Showers

If you like the sound of what modern shower pods can bring to any project or design, let Advanced Showers help. Our range of easy to fit, stylish and top-quality pods is ideal for any bathroom. Contact us today for more details.

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