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4 Bathroom Safety Tips For Older Adults

Posted by Michael Kiernan


Older age poses a range of bathroom challenges and hazards that don’t affect younger adults, such as reduced mobility. One-third of over 65s experience at least one fall a year, increasing the risk of muscle or bone injuries that may be slow to recover from. On slippery floors or in restricted space, such as in bathrooms, falls are more likely, so some simple steps are worth implementing to help to make showering as safe and simple as possible.

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Whether you’re responsible for maintaining bathroom facilities for the elderly, in a care home or hospital, or are seeking a safer solution for an elderly relative or even for yourself, these bathroom safety tips make an excellent starting point:

1) Install A Modern Shower Pod

Shower pods are a cost-effective and safe alternative to traditional shower cubicles, offering plenty of space, while being easy to clean and leak-proof. At Advanced Showers, we stock spacious 1250mm and 900mm pods, which offer easy access and allow for the use of additional aids, such as shower chairs or folding seats.

With no tiles, no grout, and no acrylic sealant, shower pods are easy to clean, requiring little more than a wipe of the smooth, ergonomic surface – making them ideal for older adults who have limited mobility.

2) Think About Shower Door Direction

Inward-opening or bifold shower cubicle doors can restrict the available space in a shower, so are likely to cause accessibility problems for older users. Restricted space and limited mobility are a potentially harmful cocktail, as the chance of a fall is magnified.

As well as being spacious, our shower pods feature sliding or outward-opening doors, so there’s less challenge entering or leaving, with sufficient room to accommodate a walker, if needed. It’s also easier for family, carers, or emergency personnel to come to an older adult’s assistance in the event of a fall. Even our smallest 650mm alcove shower pod can be supplied with outward-opening doors, so there will always be ample space to move about.

3) Accessorise Your Shower Pod

For older adults, the risk of a slip can be reduced with some carefully positioned accessories. Grab bars outside and inside a shower pod provide extra stability, while a bathmat placed just outside the pod will absorb any water drips as the user steps out. At Advanced Showers, our pods feature a non-slip base that channels water away from the main standing area, decreasing the risk of a fall while sustaining the sleek, ergonomic surface that makes the pods aesthetically pleasing. A folding shower seat can also be beneficial, particularly if the user finds it challenging to stand for long periods, and can easily be fitted to a shower pod.

4) Better Lighting

Small or obscured windows reduce natural light in a bathroom and, for an older person whose vision is declining, this can increase the chance of an accident. Modern LED lighting or incandescent bulbs offer a purer, white light that dramatically improves visibility and is the perfect complement for contemporary, stylish shower pods that will transform the appeal of the bathroom, as well as its safety.

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At Advanced Showers, our modern shower pods are perfect for creating a safer showering environment for older adults. For more information, browse our free Shower Pods Guide or feel free to get in touch on 01483 532020.

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